We Got a Call.

Last night we got a call. It’s been several months since we’ve fostered any kids. We’re kind of selective, in that we have a house full of people and feel we are called to foster one child at a time of a certain age range. I pray every day that God will only place a child with us that will be a good fit for everyone in our family and that our family is a good fit for that child. Last night we got a call, and we said yes.

May Is National Foster Care Month – How Can You Help?

These are some good ideas on how you can help foster parents. It’s a tough job, especially when a new kid comes into our home and we’re trying to establish a relationship and get them settled in. Support from family and friends is imperative to be successful. I have found that complete strangers have even helped us, and I was in complete awe and very appreciative. Thanks to everyone who gets creative in helping foster families. 💙