“Bags of Hope” Project

Part of my job as Miss Minnesota’s Outstanding Teen 2015, is to do platform work. My platform is divided into three separate categories, but one thing I had the privilege to do was make tie-blankets with several of the local titleholders. During Miss Minnesota week, we got together and had a nice time tying blankets and eating pizza. We made 10 blankets and put them in duffel bags with a stuffed animal. In my experience, it has always been a special experience when a new child comes into our home with something to call their own. Many times, children come with nothing, so giving them something is both helping the parents and exciting the children. The “Bags of Hope” went out, and I have received two ‘Thank you’ notes from the county! It makes me very happy to know how grateful they are and that these donations will be used by newly placed foster children.

After all the hard work was finished!
After all the hard work was finished!

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