The Value of a Home

This is a speech I wrote a little while ago; I hope you enjoy.

It’s 2 am. The house is full of turmoil. You open your door to look out. All of the sudden you get whisked away by a tall man in a uniform. You don’t know what your older sister means when she says “Not again” as you are put into a police car. Mommy and daddy are being handcuffed and put into a different police car. You aren’t sure what to feel, but fear entangles you. You’re brought to a home where you don’t know anyone. You try to rest in a bed that isn’t yours. The smell is different, you don’t see your sister, where are you parents? Finally you see the sun coming up, and you meet two people who call themselves foster parents.

No one should have to experience this, but shows us the reality that about 400,000 children in the US alone are in foster care. Are we succeeding as a society to care for these terrified, vulnerable children who have been abused and neglected? The answer is no. The safe, family environment is not being fulfilled.

My family has taken our part with having 24 children passed through our home. We have recently adopted my beautiful baby sister and are in the process of adopting another.

What can you do? Your family doesn’t have to be traditional, but just enough to show them they are valued by giving them the love and safety they deserve in a home. Not only will it show the children love and care, but you will be surprised at what joy and fulfillment you can receive.

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