April is Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month.  A local MS group got together to support our cause, because  they wanted to give back to the community.  Because of their efforts, many more foster children will receive a Bag of Hope to help them feel a little more secure in their new homes.  Thank you so much for your support. 



Many people say they could never do foster care because it would be so hard to give the kids back to their family. Yes, that is true, but it’s not about us. it’s about meeting the needs of the child. It took me a long time to come to this realization. We have fostered 35 children over the past seven years, and I have cried many tears. Saying goodbye is hard, but not saying yes would be harder. I’m grateful we could love, support, and care for each child that has come through our home, if even for a day. I’m honored that we can remember them and continue to pray for them by name, even though we may never see them again.

If you have any questions, are considering becoming a foster parent, or maybe would like to give support to a foster family, I’d be happy to help you get started.   Just click on Menu and Contact Us. 

February 2nd Donation Drive a Success

A big thanks goes out to Gallatin Law Office of Hugo, MN!   Because you were willing to open up your office as a drop-off location for our “Bags of Hope”project, The Heart of Foster Care was able to complete 55 more bags to be delivered to 55 more foster children, which will help them find a sense of security and comfort in their new homes.

Lawyers Open Their Offices to Receive “Bags of Hope” Donations

Because Tom Weyandt posted a request for donations on a neighborhood website, lawyers in Hugo advertised and will be opening their offices as a drop-off location today, February 2, from noon to 6 pm, for our “Bags of Hope” Project.  We are very grateful and look forward to serving more foster children with the items collected. Thanks Dan Gallatin for organizing this.


December Donation Drive a Success!

December 2016 – So we have been very busy over the holidays with the donation drive for the “Bags of Hope” project, while fostering our 33rd foster child.

With the collaborative effort of many people, especially Tom Weyandt and his neighborhood, donations poured in, and so many newly-placed foster children entered their foster homes over the holiday season with something to call their own.

Friends and family got together on December 13 and completed 45 bags, which were taken to the Anoka County Government Center just before the holidays.

We still have quite a few bags to complete, and because Anoka County is bursting with bags ( a good problem) we will be reaching out to other local counties to make more foster children feel a sense of security when entering their new homes.

Thank you to everyone who helped make this a success.  We hope you had an awesome holiday season, and that 2017 will bring you many blessings!

December Donation Drive for “Bags of Hope”

We are currently doing a donation drive throughout the 2016 holiday season. When children come into foster care during this time of year, it is especially hard for them to be away from their homes and transition into a foster family.   When our little girl came to us two days after Christmas, it was nice to receive items to help her transition. The blanket she received nearly four years ago is one of her favorite blankets to this day.

If you feel led to give to this organization, please click on the donate tab.  Email Michele.hofc@gmail.com to make arrangements for collection of your donation.  Here’s what what we’ll take:

– Duffel bags or backpacks
– Blankets (baby up to teen)
– Stuffed toys (gently used okay)
– Crayons
– Coloring books
– Baby rattles
– Small packs of diapers
– Toothbrushes
– Toothpaste
– Deodorant
– Shampoo
– Lotion
– Soap
– Body Wash
– Cash donations (we are not yet a nonprofit, however, so no tax receipt can be given)

Here is a photo of an example of what goes into a “Bag of Hope,” which will help newly-placed foster children feel a sense of comfort and transition a little easier into their new homes with something to call their own.


Thank you for your support!

Rachel Continues to Serve

On November 14, 2016, Rachel and Michael delivered about 50 “Bags of Hope” to the Anoka County Government Center.  Now 50 more newly-placed foster children will have a sense of comfort and may find it a little easier when transitioning into their foster home.  Rachel may not be wearing a crown anymore, but she still has a servant’s heart.

rachel-delivering-bagsThose are “Bags of Hope” in the trunk, and the entire backseat was filled, as well.  Way to Go!